A Single Design-Build Contractor To Streamline Your Project

Combining an architect, engineer and construction manager into a single entity, Machados Construction’s design-build contractor services provide a streamlined, customer-first approach that is focused on the specific needs of your project.

Our focus is on being the best design-build contractor, and we have the team to support that effort. While other design-build contractors promise advantages to customers through a simplified contract with a single entity, the problem in this approach is generally the design-build contractor’s natural skillset: they’re either primarily a design firm, or they’re a builder. At Machados Construction, we are proud to say that we have years of experience as both a construction manager and with design work. We’re able to draw upon both experiences while giving you a single point of contact throughout your project to make your life easier.

When we discuss your next residential construction project, we’ll start by learning what your needs are and walking you through the design-build contractor services we offer. Every customer project we work on at Machados Construction follows our process, which starts with a free consultation to learn about your goals. From there, we can help put your plan together. We’ll talk you through timelines, expectations, budget and material choices. We can even show you other design-build contractor work we’ve completed.

Ready to get started your project? We’re ready! Reach out today to get your free consultation set up.